The Most Common Home Heating Systems

furnaces and heatpumps

When buying or building a home, the most critical thing to consider is the mechanics of the water supply, heating and the electrical. Your home should always be a comfortable place to live for everyone. One of the ways you can make it a great place to live is by ensuring it is not cold. This is more essential during the cold weather conditions. Yes selecting the proper windows and doors is very important when building, however, there are different types of heating systems you can invest in your home that will p. Here are some of the common home heating system types you can install.

Forced Air Heating System

This is the most popular heating system in many homes. You also get it in large building and businesses.  Air gets heated inside a furnace and is then forced into or blown through ducts to the different registers and vents. The furnace used for this type of home heating system uses different types of fuels depending on their availability. The systems can make use of fuel oil, propane, electricity or natural gas. The ductwork is usually installed on the inside walls of your home.

Electric Heating System

Electric heating systems are common in those homes where there is no fuel oil, natural gas or propane. For your home, the best thing is to have baseboard heaters installed. These heaters are controlled by a thermostat.  One of the things to know about use of the baseboard heaters is the amount you spend on electricity bills. The cost will rise compared to when you use other home heating system types. The cost will mostly rise during the winter when it gets extremely cold.

Geothermal Heating System

This is the most energy-efficient heating system you can invest in your home.  The unit makes use of heat that emanates from the ground. It also uses water that comes from underground wells. Geothermal heating system uses less electricity making them perfect for keeping your electricity bills low during the cold months. You need to know that the installation is higher compared to other conventional home heating system types. However, in the long end it becomes more cost effective due to reduced electricity consumption.

Radiant Home Heating System

If you have a boiler in your home, you can use the radiant heating system.  With this home heating system, the water is heated in a boiler that is usually sent across tubes found below the floor for distributing the heat. The heat gets radiated up your floor to the different parts of your home. The boiler is usually powered by electricity, fuel oil, natural gas or propane.

Depending on your heating needs, budget and size of your home, you can choose the home heating system that works perfectly for your home.



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