Easy and Effective Drainage Tips to Follow

A good drainage system is important to maintaining your entire residential or commercial property.  If there is poor drainage of water in your property, there are high risks of water-borne diseases, growth of mold and more to this, severe damage might happen. This is why it is always good to ensure that you have a healthy drainage system that is functioning right at all times. It is not hard or expensive as you might think. To help you in this process, here are a few drainage tips to follow.

Carry Our Regular Maintenance

Like other systems in your home or business, it is right to ensure you perform regular drainage maintenance. This can be done bi-annually or annually, although you can still have it done as often as you want. By performing regular maintenance, you prevent unnecessary expenses, and hassles that arise when your drainage system gets damaged. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system is intact, thus there are no costly surprise repairs that will arise. It helps you fix all drainage issues before they escalate to major ones.

Protect the Drains and Pipes

If you fail to protect your drains and pipes, you can be sure that problems will arise. Ensure that the pipes do not freeze because this leads to burst and leaks.  If there are pipes above the ground, they require high-level protection.  You can protect them by use of pipe insulators and heat tapes when it is extremely cold outside. Besides, ensure that all the drains in your home are never clogged by removing all debris and any other elements that might lead to flooding or slow flow of water.

Harvest Water if Possible

There is a lot of water that flows down your drains. Water is a critical resource that should be tapped. You can prevent flooding or other drainage problems by installing a water barrel or storage well to harvest the water. This is necessary in case there are no proper drains to move water away from your landscape.  You can use the water to water your lawn and make your property more appealing.

Avoid Obstructing Yard Drains

To ensure the free-flowing of water down the drains, you should avoid any form of obstruction. Some of the things that can cause this obstruction includes large trees whos roots may grow into your draintiles (perimeter drainage), raised gardens, berms, or other raised areas that can obstruct the flow of water. Be on the look of tree roots or other forms of vegetation that could also affect the free flow of water down the drains.

Bottom Line

Ensure that you always work with a professional drainage contractor when there is an issue that requires attention to ensure that your drainage system is intact at all times.


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